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ALS Model: Bree Daniels

We knew at first sight Bree Daniels would be the perfect addition to the ALS Angels line-up! Besides having cute face and amazing tits, this honey from Montana really impressed us with her enthusiasm towards the ALS style of shooting; she said she hates photographers that use all the same boring dildos over and over and was up for anything we could throw her way. We promised her ALS would deliver the "more exciting shoot", so we decided she would be great model to introduce to our newest toy, the "Dream Catcher". Bree had a lot of fun with that toy, but mentioned that her favorite had to be the Hitachi vibrator. Overall, we think we gave her a shoot to remember, and when we asked she said her favorite scene was the leather jacket photoset because it suited her style. Bree loves sex and loves to perform, so we are shoot this will be a shoot for you to remember as well. Bree likes men and women equally, depending on the night, but most enjoys someone who loves to give. She has been sexually active since 16 and started shaving her pussy at 13. Some other fun facts Bree tolds us about herself are that her favorite colors are green and purple, she really wants a Dodge Challenger, her favorite movie is "Avatar", she loves the band "System of a Down", and can't get enough Mediterranean food. Being multi-talented, she also played volleyball, basketball, and was a cheerleader in high school, and knows how to play the harp! She also adores any kind of cat and is a self-proclaimed "crazy cat lady"; her idea of a good time is to hang out at home with her cat a read a good book. Bree is 5'7" (170cm) tall, weighs 112 lbs (50kg), and her measurements are: 34C-24-35 (86C-61-89cm); enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think of Bree!

Bree Daniels Photosets
Bree Daniels High-Def Videos
Video #1
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 601 M, MP4 = 599 M, WMV = 1.1 G Length: 20:18

Bree Daniels lies out in the sun wearing a hot micro ALS Bikini. She doesn't want to get any tan lines, so she pulls the bikini off and oils down her beautiful body. She th...

Video #3
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 849 M, MP4 = 858 M, WMV = 1.6 G Length: 28:45

When we created the "Dreamcatcher", we had no idea it was going to be so well received by our models... and the first one to try it out was lovely Bree Daniels! After she s...

Video #5
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 696 M, MP4 = 702 M, WMV = 1.32 G Length: 23:33

Bree poses on the stairs in a hot black leather jacket and cute plaid skirt. She flaunts her beautiful body and smooth pussy from every angle as she straddles the railing a...

Video #7
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 569 M, MP4 = 573 M, WMV = 1.08 G Length: 19:14

Bree is busy ironing her laundry when she discovers that she left her Hitachi vibrator stashed away in the basket. She takes a break from her chores and admires her sexy bo...

Video #9
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 543 M, MP4 = 544 M, WMV = 1.03 G Length: 18:20

Bree poses in the shower wearing one of our sexy ALS Bikinis. She takes it off and covers her body with oil, her bouncy tits glistening in the light. After she washes off a...

Video #11
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 725 M, MP4 = 730 M, WMV = 1.38 G Length: 24:31

Bree poses on the bed in a frilly top and panties that show off her camel toe. She pops her lucious tits from her top and then bends her back, arching up to show off her bo...

Video #2
Video Type: Girl-Girl Action Sizes: DivX = 536 M, MP4 = 538 M, WMV = 1 G Length: 18:06

Leighlani couldn't wait to get her hands on sweet Bree Daniels' big, luscious tits. Leighlani sucks on Bree's clit while fingering her and stretching her hot snatch open wi...

Video #4
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 626 M, MP4 = 629 M, WMV = 1.2 G Length: 21:10

Bree has big plans to relax in her new massage chair, but as soon as she turns it on the sweet vibrations get her aroused. Watch as her luscious tits bounce to the rhythm o...

Video #6
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 652 M, MP4 = 652 M, WMV = 1.24 G Length: 22:00

Bree and Leighlani are engaging in a friendly game of pool. As Leighlani tries to help Bree with her shot, she begins to caress her body and quickly pulls away her top to f...

Video #8
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 583 M, MP4 = 583 M, WMV = 1.1 G Length: 19:41

We get to learn a little more about Bree Daniels as Leighlani sits and talks with her. After they are done, Bree poses in a cute skirt outside in the sunshine. She reveals ...

Video #10
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 617 M, MP4 = 616 M, WMV = 1.17 G Length: 20:50

Bree gets into the tub and uses the sprayer to stimulate her clit. That gets her worked up so she rubs her entire body down with oil, paying special attention to her luciou...

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