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ALS Model: Taylor Tilden

ALS is pleased to present Taylor Tilden! This sweetie is 21 years old, stands 5'6" tall (167cm) and weighs 110lbs (50kg). Her measurements are 34C-25-34 (86C-63-86cm). When she is not modeling, she works in sales & management and her hobbies include doing hair and make-up, gardening, baking, cooking, listening to music, etc... We had a rough start at Taylor's shoot and almost had to stop and send her home. She had slept on the plane ride over here so when we dropped her off at the hotel the night before the shoot, she barely got any sleep. Shortly after starting her first photoset, we could tell she wasn't into it and her mind was elsewhere, probably thinking about her ID that she had lost. Fortunately, we sat down and relaxed for about an hour and she promised to put aside her worries and focus on the job at hand, then it was like a 180° turn-around; Taylor was laughing and joking all day and we had a blast during the shoot. In total we got 7 photosets and 5 masturbation videos, all turned out great except for the first photoset of the day, which was her weakest one but still not bad ;). Taylor has been having sex since 14 and gave her first blow job at 16 when she started shaving her pussy. She loves both guys and girls and tries to have sex at least 3 times a day! She told us that her fantasy is to be tied down to a bed and fucked by 3 chicks at the same time; she also mentioned that she does not like anal sex or insects but other than that she is always up to try new things! Her favorite music includes Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain and U2. We really enjoyed working with Taylor and would love to hear what you guys think.

Taylor Tilden Photosets
Taylor Tilden High-Def Videos
Video #1
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 542 M, MP4 = 572 M, WMV = 1.03 G Length: 18:19

Taylor and Leighlani sit playing a game and soon get bored. Leighlani has something to show her and brings out the Jackhammer Dildo! Leighlani pounds Taylor's tight pussy until she cums hard.

Video #3
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 525 M, MP4 = 526 M, WMV = 1010 M Length: 17:44

Taylor finishes up doing the dishes and notices she left a vibrator on the counter, so she decides to get herself off right there in the kitchen. She rubs oil all over her ...

Video #5
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 382 M, MP4 = 413 M, WMV = 765 M Length: 13:15

We catch Taylor Tilden in her home, warming up next to a nice fire with a glass of her favorite red wine in this photoshoot video. Watch as this hottie pulls down her cute ...

Video #7
Video Type: Masturbation & BTS Sizes: DivX = 525 M, MP4 = 527 M, WMV = 1 G Length: 17:45

Taylor really wants to get off but has a hard time finding her purse where she hid her toys! Once she finds it, she plops down in a chair and begins to rub on her sweet, ba...

Video #9
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 734 M, MP4 = 737 M, WMV = 1.39 G Length: 24:49

Taylor is working out her tight body for us while we take shots of her. She dribbles her water off her chin and it soaks her tank top. We get a glimpse of her awesome tits,...

Video #11
Alsod taylortilden001
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 858 M, MP4 = 858 M, WMV = 1 M Length: 29:00

We caught Taylor Tilden and Leighlani playing some Air Hockey when we decided to pick up the cameras and shoot this photoset. These two ladies genuinely loved to work with ...

Video #2
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 381 M, MP4 = 403 M, WMV = 743 M Length: 12:52

Taylor poses while playing her arcade game in a hot yellow dress. She strips down and uses the pussy clamps to stretch her lips to the max. She then poses with the Hitachi ...

Video #4
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 752 M, MP4 = 752 M, WMV = 1.4 G Length: 25:24

Leighlani and Taylor sit talking about how much they love shaved pussies. Then Taylor begins the scene posing in a hot ALS Bikini. She takes a break to spray her golden str...

Video #6
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 481 M, MP4 = 481 M, WMV = 939 M Length: 16:16

Leighlani wakes Taylor from her sleep ready to get it on. She ravages Taylor's body, getting very aggressive with the strap-on dildo. Taylor takes the huge cock from multip...

Video #8
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 692 M, MP4 = 692 M, WMV = 1.3 G Length: 23:23

Taylor sits on the bed reading all about cats but mind wanders to another kind of pussy. Our crew jokes around with her as she strips and spreads her tight pussy, then we o...

Video #10
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 482 M, MP4 = 485 M, WMV = 941 M Length: 16:18

Taylor reads us a couple of jokes from her book, but soon gets bored and wants to play with herself instead. She fingers her wet pussy, spitting and smacking on her clit un...

Video #12
Alsod taylortilden002
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 997 M, MP4 = 1000 M, WMV = 1.9 G Length: 33:42

Taylor Tilden is posing on the couch wearing a sexy pair of panties along with a revealing sweatshirt. Watch as this hottie takes off the shirt to unleash her perfect tits!...

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