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ALS Model: Paris & Layla: The Parker Sisters

ALS proudly presents the Parker Sisters! We welcome Layla Parker to the ALS line-up, and this is our third shoot with Paris. It all started because we wanted to do another shoot with Paris. Paris loved the idea as she had a great time working with us in the past, but then she told her younger sister Layla about it and talked her into coming along; before you knew it, we signed them both for a two-day shoot that has turned out phenominal. We had to do a little negotiating back and forth regarding what they would and would not be willing to do, but we all came to a happy agreement. In total, we shot 9 photosets and 10 masturbation videos; 6 photosets plus 6 masturbation videos of Paris, and 3 photosets plus 4 masturbation videos of Layla, not to mention 3 photosets of Paris and Layla together! We also had a great shoot location where we were able to shoot one full day indoors and one full day outdoors so this shoot really turned out great. Our new honey Layla is just 19 years old, stands 5'10" tall (178cm) and weighs 135lbs (61kg). Her measurements are 32B-28-38 (81B-71-96cm). When she is not modeling, Layla works as a lifeguard, but her hobbies include exercising, sex, and cosmatology. She prefers guys over gals and likes to have sex at least once a day; she has been shaving her pussy and totally sexually active since the ripe age of 15. For her likes, she listed having fun as her #1 priority in life. For dislikes, she said cockiness and drugs. It was very interesting getting to work with two real life sisters; Paris was very protective of her little sister, helping and guiding her throughout the shoot. It was very cute! Stay tuned for updates, this is one shoot you're definitely not going to want to miss out on!

Paris & Layla: The Parker Sisters Photosets
Paris & Layla: The Parker Sisters High-Def Videos
Video #1
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 571 M, MP4 = 601 M, WMV = 1.16 G Length: 19:17

Paris sits sunning herself and smoking. She decides to get a little naughty and strips from her ALS Micro Bikini to cover her body in oil. Then she pulls out the Rockin' Ra...

Video #3
Video Type: Girl-Girl Action Sizes: DivX = 517 M, MP4 = 544 M, WMV = 993 M Length: 17:29

Paris Parker and Austin are lying in bed searching for some porn to watch but can't find any so instead they begin to get each other off! Paris flips Austin on her back and...

Video #5
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 480 M, MP4 = 506 M, WMV = 936 M Length: 16:15

Paris Parker is sitting on a wooden chair reading a magazine. She starts to take her clothes off and rub her tits and her pussy. Watch Paris work her clit hard, then get a ...

Video #7
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 586 M, MP4 = 581 M, WMV = 1.11 G Length: 19:49

Paris Parker is sitting out back having a beer and enjoying some sun when she gets the sudden urge to get herself off! She begins to take her clothes off. Paris then starts...

Video #9
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 453 M, MP4 = 454 M, WMV = 886 M Length: 15:18

Layla is strolling through the words birdwatching when she gets all hot and bothered, so she decides to take a break and fuck herself. She works her clit and tight pussy wi...

Video #11
Alsod parisparker001
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 593 M, MP4 = 594 M, WMV = 1 M Length: 20:01

Paris Parker is posing in the bath rub wearing her sexy ALS Bikini to start off this hot photoshoot video! Watch as she turns on the faucet and uses the water pressure to b...

Video #2
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 504 M, MP4 = 530 M, WMV = 1.02 G Length: 17:02

Layla parker sits smoking outside in the sun in a really cool ALS Bikini. She strips and gets her body slick with some oil and uses her fingers to stimulate her pussy and c...

Video #4
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 435 M, MP4 = 458 M, WMV = 846 M Length: 14:41

We walk in on Layla in the bathroom and she wants to give us a show. Watch her cover her sexy body in oil then rub her clit with her fingers until it is nice and swollen. S...

Video #6
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 855 M, MP4 = 856 M, WMV = 1.63 G Length: 28:54

The lovely Parker sisters are together in the hot sun wearing sexy ALS Micro Bikinis. They imitate each other's every move with some very sexy poses. The two take off their...

Video #8
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 644 M, MP4 = 645 M, WMV = 1.2 G Length: 21:45

Paris and Layla pose playing croquet naked and then get naughty inserting the mallets into their pussies. They sit down and drink wine together getting a little tipsy and d...

Video #10
Video Type: Masturbation Sizes: DivX = 483 M, MP4 = 483 M, WMV = 943 M Length: 16:19

Paris Parker is on the phone talking to her boyfriend when she gets super hot and horny. She invites him to come over and play with her pussy but he can't make it so Paris ...

Video #12
Video Type: Photoshoot Sizes: DivX = 733 M, MP4 = 735 M, WMV = 1.39 G Length: 24:45

Parker sisters Layla and Paris put on a fun performance as she sit playing a game, extending the activities for amazing pictures of them stripping down and teasing their pu...

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